How long is the school?

-It is split between two years with three trimesters in each. 

Will I receive a diploma when I graduate?

-No, GCMS isn't an accredited college. A certificate of completion will be issued. 

Is there an age limit to the school?

-The age range is from high school seniors and older. Beneficial for all ages. 

Do I have to know the Bible well before attending GCMS?

-No! This is the perfect place to get to know your Bible and the Word! 

I don't attend Generations Church. Can I still attend GCMS?

-Yes. We accept students from other churches. You will be required to serve a minimum of three hours a week in your home church while participating with GCMS. 

Is GCMS right for me?

-Do you want to find out who you were created to be?

Are you hungry for a greater intimacy with God?

Are you willing to embrace the lifestyle of a servant leader, becoming transparent and vulnerable with both God and others?

Are you willing to go all in? (If Yes is the answer to those questions then GCMS might be the perfect fit for you.) 

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